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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Royally give a toss?

Right, so anyone else really not that bothered about the upcoming wedding?

    I love really like this idea of witnessing history and i'm not slagging the event off at all, it's just all this damned hype. .

    Don't get me wrong, I would class myself as a history buff and I personally like the fact that we still have a traditional monarchy with a line of Kings and Queens which can be traced back to 1066 but just this notion of a Kate and Wills film/tattoos/stickers/Dracula attending the wedding/bullsh*t that I can't stomach!

      To quote a taxi driver I had the other day (had as in used his services. . not slept with 'had'. . wait. . 'used his services' sounds sexual too. . ah forget it)  
"Royally give a f**k!"

   ...And I thought my 'meh' attitude was bad but literally everyone I talk to is more excited but the idea of having a four day weekend rather than enjoying the actual event. .  well everyone except my mum who is more interested in seeing the wedding dress rather than the event itself. Is that a Mum thing or a lady thing in general?
      The only excitement i'm hearing is off people from abroad who think it's one big fantasy story and sooo Romantic etc. Sadly there are no dragons or sorcerers in England, just angry newts and Dungeons and Dragons players...

Anyways, Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter and is having or joining in with an event for the big wedding day!

God I hope the dress is pretty. . 'cough'


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