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This blog was originally set up for my daydreams and a vent for my ability to think about utter rubbish. This mixed with waffling equalled this blog.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The thing at the door, my childhood ghost story

Ghosts, generally a thing of ridicule and at present I'm a sceptic, sadly it seems that along with my faith in God (I know right, me, religious?) my spiritualism has also left me.

However, when I was kid I was always plagued by stuff going bump in the night and no I don't mean hearing the neighbours 'at it'.

It started at the time I had first came to England, fresh off the plane and still spoke with an american accent (I said mommy back then) we had our first house and it was the terraced thing built in the 60s or something not run down or anything but 'average' I can only describe it as 'average', the kind of house that is the direct opposite of something that could be described as haunted. .

So it began,
It was always at night when I heard/saw things, nothing major just the usual horror film shadow passing by my shut door, hearing things moving in my room (toys believe it or not, especially Lego and I think my cars. Mainly what was left on my floor) I kept telling my mum that someone was in my room with me and playing with my toys and I wanted to change rooms!

So I did.
To the room opposite it..

Seems that I thought moving rooms would end the spookiness, Oh how young, chubby and naive I was.
 Even after moving bedrooms I still always had that feeling of not being alone in my room, not an aggressive feeling just one of knowing I wasn't alone and as a small kid it was extremely unnerving BUT not upsetting I was always in a "What the actual f**k was that?" mode but small child version which for me would have been "Ewoks are awesome!!! . . what was that noise?" and this carried on for a while until one night..

If you have ever watched the Sixth Sense you'll be familiar with the theme that ghosts/spirits etc appear when the temperature drops but for me it was the opposite. Some time in the hours of an autumn night/early morning I awoke sweating and couldn't get comfortable, so throwing off my covers I flopped around like a fish that had just been caught in a net trying to find the elusive cold spot of the bed. I was only a small nipper so my view of the door has been blocked by my chest of drawers but as I sat up in a huff that I couldn't settle. .  I saw this...

Excuse my poor use of paint but hopefully you'll get the gist of what i'm on about

What I saw can be simply described as a shadowy black outline of a child, it stood just shy of half way up the door frame and wasn't moving at all, the light behind it didn't give it a glow or anything and I couldn't see his/her features at all but my instincts were yelling at me that it was a fellow child.

It was the early hours my mum was asleep, no sounds in the house and all I can see is an unknown person in the shadows and moonlight and to this day that moment has been the ONLY time i've felt complete and utter terror, pure terror. 

What do you do as a child when you;re afraid? that's right, hide in the covers. I led there like nothing had happened in the sweat box of thick covers and pyjamas and when I thought 'it' had gone I commando crawled down to the middle of my bed and lifted up my cover..

Still there. . not moving, not making a sound, I was petrified.

Now I don't know if anyone has had that feeling but when fear grips you it's impossible to do anything. I couldn't cry out to my mum and every time I did it was a weak and pitiful "mu....m, mu...m" and I barely made a sound, this went on for 5/10 minutes and I couldn't make enough noise to make an audible noise but I think terror became fear and I started crying out and banging on my wall until my bedroom light came on and the shadow had gone.

Now as I said i'm a major sceptic when it comes to ghosts and hauntings and I think spirit mediums need a good punch in the f*cking face for playing on peoples emotions but I saw something as a child and it wasn't my imagination as i've got older I thought ah probably my ADHD playing tricks on me but I thought about it and I had toys and friends as a child why the hell would I make an imaginary friend up that terrified me?

or simply put

"who you gonna call?"

Saturday, 13 August 2011

New Blog Banner/Title. . thing

Is right above these words hopefully. . unless this is being read in a few months when it'll be slapped in the archives and all you'll able to read above it is shame and guilt x