Chances are if you are reading this you have have either stumbled across this blog by mistake or via a link you found somewhere floating around on the web.

Either way, you have my deepest sympathy.

This blog was originally set up for my daydreams and a vent for my ability to think about utter rubbish. This mixed with waffling equalled this blog.

Oh and apologies for the awful use of English when I write, no doubt my poor grasp of my mother tongue will be apparent for all to see.

Kisses and Hugs x

Saturday, 21 May 2011

"Sugar You make my soul complete. Rapture tastes so sweet"


Yeaaaaah? Shall we put a bet on that mate?

So all I'm hearing today is Rapture this Rapture that, Rapture will destroy your evil cat blah blah blah

    Here is my opinion on this whole Rapture and religion stuff.  Firstly Don't take this the wrong way, If you believe in Jesus and God then don't take this as a personal insult, despite my tone and my beliefs I would never belittle anyone for their faith or general beliefs.

     My personal opinion on the religion of Christianity is this. Simply put, there is no God, no over-sized bearded man with a white robe high in his fortress of heaven.
    There may have been a Jesus but as historians have all pointed out this Jesus character was a rebel leader trying to incite violence against the Roman occupied Judea. Trying and thus failing to do so he was captured and was executed for doing so . . I can rant on about history tones down the hype of  the bible for hours so will stop now :P
     And this whole Rapture nonsense, seriously? some nutter predicts the end of the world and a load of people believe it??

          "I predict that someone will bring me a large mocha and a chocolate chip cupcake!!!"

Yeh this won't happen either...

     My belief and feel free to mock or question me for this. We [Humanity] are merely a species of creature native to our world (unless you're really into Stargate). There are countless millions of lifeforms in this universe whether we know what some of them are already is a mystery but I do believe that one mysterious deity did  not create everything.

Oh and if the fanatical Christians start ascending into heaven any time soon. . well. . . I'll start rummaging for that old crucifix I have some where.

Peace and love and may Poseidon bless you x

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

That Friday Feeling. . wait it's Wednesday? (or to Meh and back again by Bilbo Baggins)

Why hello there, been working out? ;)

   Hey all, haven't really wrote on this blog for a while as I have been snowed under with coursework/applications/telling the CIA where Bin Laden was/punching Jesus. .

   But yeh it's week 12 of the 2nd and final semester, rejoice as it's the last teaching week of the academic year for me! win dance?!

No win dance for you oh apathetic one...
    I really wish I was in a song and dance mood and it's weird but i've just gone meh.
Meh is the feeling of 'yeah and? so what?' and 'pffft to that'.
Meh is a creature that lurks deep within the halls of apathy, waiting like a devious little goblin to suddenly strike when all the fun and excitement has been drained from it's victim!


   Simply put, think i've worn myself down due to all the stress from my workload/personal stuff/and trying to get 80%+ fit again. The major signs being i'm now enjoying watching football (kicky football) and playing Fifa. . and everyone that knows me, knows I can't stand


. . .I'm even thinking about playing kickyfootball in the off season before Rugby comes back into my life! (sweet delicate gentle Rugby)

   Now this really isn't a big thing for a 'lads lad' but i'm not a 'lads lad' in the slightest, I thought Torres was a  type of tree! (blog about this issue coming later)

    Seems my way of relaxing is doing things I don't normally do. How do you fight the Meh and get it's claws out of you, I normally go for a run but looking at the weather. .

.... it's a bit meh...