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This blog was originally set up for my daydreams and a vent for my ability to think about utter rubbish. This mixed with waffling equalled this blog.

Oh and apologies for the awful use of English when I write, no doubt my poor grasp of my mother tongue will be apparent for all to see.

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Google+ and the Temple of Doom

       It's been a while since I have put virtual ink to virtual paper but I've just been overwhelmed with exam stress, moving all over the place and now primarily sitting on the couch watching day time telly. .and not through choice mind you.
        I love working and more importantly earning money for steak and eggs (read as crisps and biscuits) Sadly however, the only work in my area is miles away annnd I don't drive and don't have a license (I also have a slight phobia of driving but that's for another blog) so yeah, daytime telly whilst laying on the couch eating Pringles - like a boss it is. .


       Been neglecting the blog so I thought "why not update the blog pal?" . . I don't address myself as 'pal' by the way. . I call myself Captain HappyFace. . .I don't.  .or do I?

So Google+ is in Beta and this morning I set up my page got bored didn't really explore it and went on Facebook, will this overtake Facebook and crush it's domination or will it be like Myspace and Bebo (yeah I forgot about Bebo until this morning) and simply fade away into the background?

. . .I really forgot about Bebo, was there any more that simply died? Faceparty? PartyFace?. . .meh

Where did I put my biscuits...

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