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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lent a.k.a 40+ days of torture....

"Repent thine sins and look unto God to be redeemed!" thanks I'll pass.


    Now before I go any further I'll clarify a few things, though not being a firm believer in Jebus and The Big Man, up until recently I was kinda religious. Not go to Church and confess my many sins followed by saying hail Mary with my rosaries butttt I did have some faith......did

Though I haven't entered the realms of saying..

"This reality is all a dream and we're flying around on a space turtle called Justin"

 just yet....

   I still like to think there is something after we snuff it BUT a great bearded fellow who is going to tell me when I die that I've been bad is kinda far-fetched in my opinion...and sending your only son to the earth to die? seriously call child services!

   So sadly nowadays the only imaginary big bearded man I'm going to believe in is Santa.....and he still owes me a Lego pirate ship from when I was 7!

  Simply put I'm not really a Christian any more but one of the Christian observances I'll still undertake is Lent. Not for the religious part but more of a test of my own resolve and will power. So again this year I'll take the majority of my vices out of my daily life, nowt to do with a bearded fellow walking through the desert for 40 days but purely as mental test for my own 'needs'....not those type of needs you pervert.

   Normally it's only one thing you give up for Lent but his year I've decided to give up a lot of things.....and as I'm typing this, I'm already saying "......shit, why Dan why?" and now regret my earlier binge...
Pre-Lent gluttony at it's best

   So for 40+ days I shall say goodbye to Alcohol, Nicotine, Caffeine, Crisps, Chocolate and Junk Food.

Dear God Santa this is going to be tough...

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