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This blog was originally set up for my daydreams and a vent for my ability to think about utter rubbish. This mixed with waffling equalled this blog.

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Thursday, 31 March 2011


    I've never really talked about ADHD in fact I rarely mention it to people because I feel ashamed , rather than spill my life story I usually sound off with 'sorry touch hyper' or 'my mind was elsewhere' 'lets go for a run' 'are those new shoes?' etc

    This being my first blog I thought 'why the hell not' and for anyone that reads this take note i'm not an excuses kind of person I like to do stuff and have fun and i'd rather be working my ass off than sat around blaming the weather and my difficulties.

    Living with a constant reminder that i'm bored, highly inattentive and need to do different things is usually a-ok for me. I tend to run everywhere/walk fast in public the other half calls it 'power walking'
    This isn't due to me wanting to improve my fitness no no - this is me being so damned energetic all the time but daft as it reads it is actually useful as i'm usually running late for appointments or class!

    I take strongest dose of ADHD medicine legally allowed in the UK just so I can attend my lectures and do my work for University and I take parts of the holidays off so I can be me again.
    I really like being on my meds, I'm calmer and I can sit in class without acting up, singing or generally being a pest. Thrown out of classes for being a nuisance isn't a nice feeling for a 25 year old who wants to study that 's for sure.

    At school I was always in trouble I literally hated school and to this day I still do, if the school burnt down I wouldn't bat and eyelid it was that bad for me. Where did they send the kid that was in trouble for being bored and hyper ..that's right isolation in a small boxed off room. Despite my grades at school I was labelled a 'troublemaker' and 'doesn't care'....yeah the guy now at University didn't care about his education...'cough'
     I love it when people say 'Oh it's all made up' 'they just need a slap' yeah when I was a kid I got a good slap for being naughty but I still had ADHD the difference being I learnt right and wrong from my Mum so I didn't get into serious trouble or hurt anyone AND through my good upbringing my constant boredom was channeled into being creative or being outdoorsy, growing up near the countryside was bliss.

    Think I have ranted off for too long, so going to quickly end this first entry. ADHD is a nightmare for some things in my daily life but I never use it as an excuse, ever.
    I'd rather be a 25 year old young man singing like a crazy person enjoying life and being labelled as immature than sat in the house complaining there is nothing to watch on telly..

    What would you rather be, hyper or moany?


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