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This blog was originally set up for my daydreams and a vent for my ability to think about utter rubbish. This mixed with waffling equalled this blog.

Oh and apologies for the awful use of English when I write, no doubt my poor grasp of my mother tongue will be apparent for all to see.

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Thursday, 7 April 2011

And I was like. . then I was like. . then she was like. .then I was like

    Gorgeously sunny day outside and that means a few things, awesome weather, lack of clothing - I live in shorts during winter so come summertime I look normal AND rah girls....

     You know the type, hair stuck up in that weird beehive/seashell thing. Plastered with makeup and a devout follower to the church of fake tan, today I saw a lass with orange legs and yet a pale face almost like a geisha had been wading through tangerines...

ANYWAYS I was walking in front of 3 rah girls today and all I could hear was "I was like nouwai I had no foundation on you so couldn't see it, then I was like you serious? then I was like I can not do this"
    When did  'I was like' replace 'I said' and why on God's Dog's name is it being used so frequently in the same freaking conversation?
    Fair enough if you use it once i guess. "The butcher said to me, sorry mate no more rump steak left and I was like awww" but isn't the whole idea of 'being like' refer to an emotion or object? in my example I had the feeling of being sad.
    Maybe we should change the whole thing " The butcher said to me sorry no rump steak left and I was like a bear and ate him/I was like a ninja and killed him in his sleep/I was like a rah girl and stared at him blankly without actually knowing what he said"

    And for anyone that has the same qualms with this like stuff then don't go to Liverpool.
     I had a similar experience whilst in Liverpool stuck on the underground listening to a girl use like in replacement of as many words as possible "like what, like ya know ya can't be doing that like! i was like what you on bout like?"

Anyways I best be off like... x

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