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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Salt? that's too mainstream Paprika for me please..

What is up these days?
    This rant stems from last night and the misadventure to my local Rock nightclub. Whilst in the queue and peering around I saw nothing but manboychildren the pretty type who have never seen a razor in their life, now i'm a fresh faced 25 year old in comparison to my age group but Jesus even I looked old, now that's saying something.
    After showing my ID (yeah that's right laugh it up) we got into the club and what do I see? More manboychildren all in those checkered shirts from Topshop, Seriously? we're talking guys in the same group wearing the same damn shirt. Add to this the guys that think wearing a woolen bobble hat in a sweaty nightclub is hip and the token "look at my vest top isn't it low? check out my sayings that I have inked on me" guy.
    Now this club on a Friday is was your normal nice nightclub night and by that I mean - it's not your 'student night' that run throughout the week at the SU. The kind of nights that feel like an over sized school disco with single lads circling the dance floor and ogling the "oh my god i'm so mashed" rah girls.
     The Club in question is also not your "check out my bling I Iz wealthy coz I haz dese chains and spend a tenna on shots yeh?" kinda place either, it's just nice and i've never had a bad night there even when I was in a wheelchair due to my broken leg. Don't get me wrong my group have had a few skirmishes in their like most clubs and I have cripple tackled some guys back in the day. (I had a broken leg and tackled people, I wasn't rugby tackling disabled guys)
    Now for a club that was often frequented by your run of the mill lets say 'different' type of people on a Monday and Friday with the weekends including the somewhat dangerous looking types. Note, I've drunkenly stumbed into a biker who was wider than he was tall with England tatooed on his head and wasn't battered senseless. My label of nice sounds kind of weird but it's generally what most people think.

Well they did. .

    Testosterone fuelled fools in their "that's too mainstream yah? let's all buy the same stuff and be different yah?" and those "ohhh myyy godddd quad vods are myyy faaaaavourite" lasses have totally ruined my favourite haunt. In the space of a few months this scummy sweaty letsSellAlcoholThatIsPureDeath nightclub has totally changed to favour this new trend, I can't really relate my facial expression through words but when I looked around last night it was like            0.0 ?

    Seriously this idea of being, well 'Yah? rah? yah? no wayyy?' really bugs me. Why try and appear to be non-mainstream but yet emulate everyone else?  I'm not one to lecture on fashion as my style is 'I don't care about fashion I just like comfort Where are my cookie pants?' but that's me, I don't have to be told what's in season and I certainly won't spend stupid bucks on a damned T shirt purely because it's 'in season' wait, in season? is that right or does that mean when an animal is in heat?

 Oh and this is for the guys,
    First of all don't buy trousers that hang around near your knees and make you look like you're 12 and have stolen your dad's grown up pants. Secondly stupidly low cut vest tops have never been cool and don't wear them if you're unhealthily thin, you look like a plastic bag blowing against a stick.

Think it's time I got my slippers and pipe and went to bed with a hot chocolate

    Was fiddling around with Amazon associates (I added it and have no clue what it does but I think i get a penny or something if you click) and random searched Shogun 2 for a price check and came across this, literally no idea what it is but dammit I want it now, lets all buy it and be different.

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