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Sunday, 10 April 2011

ASDA v Me (There can be only one!)

I bought a pizza from ASDA and it was so poorly wrapped up that when my other half took it out of the bag it fell everywhere. This i deemed to be the first act of aggression from ASDA. . .war followed.

    I complained to ASDA with regards to their shameful display of product quality and received an email basically saying bring the wrapper insult! not only do they think I throw pizza around but they deem me unhygienic!

My reply message to ASDA

With regards to the reply I received of
"On your next visit to store, if you could please return the product packaging to the Customer Service Desk, one of my colleagues will be more than happy to refund you for the item or provide you with an alternative item"
    I find this response to be impossible. During the event of withdrawing the poorly wrapped product it met with it it's arch nemesis, gravity. Upon gravity's mortal wounding of the pizza the packaging followed suit and joined the pizza in an awkward display of being scattered grotesquely on the kitchen floor and it's surroundings, If I owned a pet no doubt the pizza would have impacted on that too.
    The packaging you are advising me to produce was promptly binned for health reasons during the clean up process. Sadly I wasn't carrying any photographic equipment to capture the rapturous moment of impact on the kitchen floor but the comedic resonance of splat didn't do it justice.
    I believe the packaging to be now somewhere in the Sheffield area but if you dispatched a team of ASDA aces I am sure we could track it down, though best ensure they are fully trained and have ample supplies as this task may take a while.
    However I would not recommend the deli pizzas as I find their wrapping inadequate and would no doubt haphazardly spill out over the Sheffield wilderness.
    I also do not have proof of the ruinous remains of my girlfriends once designer top this also met it's end within the rubbish. I merely have my receipt and the ever haunting image of my awesome looking pizza hurtling towards the ground and impacting like an asteroid on to the moon.
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